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I'm glad you've found your way here. This site was built as an interactive repository for the lovers of Whisk(e)y.

Here you will find Whisk(e)y Tasting Notes, Prices, Blends of Specific Bottles, Custom Blends, A Random Whisk(e)y Selector, and Tasting Notes for Specific Whisk(e)ys or Custom Blends. Additionally this site was designed for you to add your own Blends whether it's a Specific Bottle that you discovered through exploration, or a Custom Blend you made.

I have added steps in the about section as a walk-through for the application you can visit it HERE

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All whisk(e)y that is presented on this site helps us all through our joys and sorrows, the good and the bad. I own no rights to any of the whisk(e)ys presented on this site, and ask you to support those wonderful distilleries who create what we all have grown to love.

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